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    2004.10.24 Update

    Let the Speed Testing begin!!!
    Seriously, I have uploaded several test builds and made a page detailing them and the testing methods. You can find all of the info out in this thread:


    There will be new Firefox and Thunderbird builds for tomorrow - the announcements will be here and over here.


    Starting tomorrow, 2004.10.25, I will no longer be posting updates pertaining to my builds at,, or I have worn these forums out with some rather long threads and I figure I might as well step up and begin hosting my own forum to discuss my builds and related issues at The direct link is

    Please head over there, register and watch those forums for announcements relating to my builds. I will watch here for the next week or so and remind people posting here to take the conversation over to the MOOX forums, but after that, I will not be here that often (other than lurking).

    2004.10.14 Update
    I made it home safe from the trip and have just checked to make sure that the builds or tomorrow will run as scheduled. Barring any unforeseen natural disaters, everything should compile as expected and I plan to upload the FX builds for today before I leave for work and the TB builds for today, once I return home in the afternoon. No time to do anything but post this quickie note as I still need to unpack and get ready for tomorrow at work. I will spend some time over the weekend getting caught up and implementing the first series of changes discussed previously.

    2004.10.11 Update
    Well, the weather has changed and we have been having a hell of a good time as of late. My daughter and her cousin are playing quite nicely together (never know with 2yr olds), we have been able to get to the beach yesterday and today, and the fishing has at least been entertaining. Brother-in-law and I snuck back over to the high-rent end of the island and are "borrowing" some bandwidth from the hotel there. Think I might send them a note as we leave letting know they are wide-open, but thanking them for the access while we were in town :wink:

    No news on my M builds as I obviously cannot build on the laptop I have with me. I do have my workstation at home ready to go with the build script set to start at 3:00AM CST on Thursday morning. Will upload those as I make my way out to work that day.


    Zitat von tosbsas

    Coudl oyu also check the memory use - at least my m1 build is really high up there - nearly triples opera


    I can look into it, but alot of that coding is higher-level stuff that is controlled by the official FX developers. I might be able to adjust it in my builds, but it would not make it into the official builds unless they approve it. Also, Opera and Firefox are designed around very different code bases and structures, trying to match their performance is not a fair goal (read: apples to oranges).

    2004.10.08 UPDATE
    This has gotta be quick, I am still putting out fires at work before I depart for the beach...
    My apologies in advance for not answering the last few days worth of posts - work has been all consuming. I will get to each of you and the emails/pms when I return.

    - Fresh FX and TB builds will be up today (several are already up)
    - I will have new builds again starting 2004.10.14
    - Once back I want to move ahead on the following...

    • Full suite of localized Thunderbird builds based upon 0.8 source code
    • Overhaul of to incorporate a primary blog where all status updates can be posted in a central location. Goal is to make announcements there and have feedback there, rather than clogging the forums at Mozillazine and
    • Consider starting a general forum at for comments if blog does not work
    • Make small scale versions of MOOX builds as installers for those non-techno type who wanna try it

    Enjoy the weekend and I will see youa ll soon...

    2004.10.05 *LATE* Update
    I will have the usual FX builds for tomorrow. I am going to to try a Japanese localization as mentioned earlier - I fear this will not be as easy as the others. I am also trying Italian (which has failed everytime thus far) and Polish tonight.

    Still feeling the effects of a /.ing - my avg bandwidth consumption is still more than double what it was prior to the /.ing. Right now it is hovering at 5.6GB/day!!! The cool thing is that my host is more than willing to give me a custom plan that will not be *that* much more than I am paying right now - an extra $20.00/month or so. For now, it will work, but I am basically hording all of the recent donations in anticipation of a move to a dedicated server...

    moox withdrawl?
    My last builds for a short while will be on Friday. That afternoon I will be taking the family on vacation through the following Thursday. My apologies in advance for the build interuption, but some things get #1 priority and my family is one of those things, espcially with another baby due in December...

    2004.10.05 UPDATE
    I am building new Firefoxes this morning and they should all be available by 8:00AM CST. I have also updated all of the localized builds to PR 1.0.1 to reflect the security patches.

    I know the UserAgent string in builds is still saying 0.10 rather than 0.10.1, but as best i can determine the source it is built from is patched! The patches were checked in on 10.1.04 to both BRANCH and TRUNK. In fact if you download the security xpi and look at what it does, all it really does is change the UA to 0.10.1. Go ahead and install it if you want, but you are patched already.

    2004.10.03 UPDATE
    This past week was amazing on many separate fronts. I have no idea where to begin so I will just ramble on from here...

    "THANK YOU!"
    I want to say "Thank You" to each and every one of you who has posted a kind word in the forums, sent me a donation (even the 2 who just sent $0.50 - because every donations adds up and helps), or sent me an email saying "Thank You." Your words are greatly appreciated and serve as motivation to keep making the best damn builds I can! I have always done some sort of volunteer work in my life (too many different scenarios to discuss) and this is just another form of that for me. It is a challenge to make these builds better (Mozilla does an great job on their own) but there is also a demand for different and better builds. I take great joying in meeting that demand and providing something that helps people around the world.

    Next Builds
    Right now I am planning on doing a full suite of BRANCH and TRUNK builds for FX and TB on Monday AM. The FX builds will be up by 8:00AM CST and the TB builds will be up after 5:00PM CST when I return from work.

    Security Updates
    All of my builds since 2004.10.01 have the updated source code for the security fixes.

    Wow! I had feared a link on slashdot for a long, long time and it finally happened on 2004.09.28. I am still feeling the effects of it as the avg amount of data downloaded from the site remains more than double the daily average of 2.78GB. Thank goodness for the awesome dual-Opteron server that is hosted on at - it has handled the increase in traffic flawlessly. My only concern now is bandwidth. If the avg hits and downloads stay where they are right now, I will exceed the current bandwidth allotment by the 20th of this month. Guess I better start scrounging some more pennies to cover that expected overage...

    It is great to get the /. recognition, but we cannot forget all of the other builders busting their asses - people like mooy, JTw, BangBang23, BlueFrye, daihard, pigfoot, scragz, amano, djeter, matlhDam, and MMx.

    Localized Builds
    If you have not noticed yet, I am now making localized builds of Firefox. You can find them here:

    At the moment, the localized builds are based off of the source code for PR1.0 and PR1.0.1 depending on the locality (I have not had a chance to update all of them yet). There has been much demand for daily localized builds, but doing 3 separate M versions for all of the available localizations would require 36hrs of straight building on my Athlon64 - not an option. What I am working on, and have almost finished, is a simple way of updating the daily BRANCH builds with any localization(s) you want. You would simply download an M build, and 2 separate .xpis to be able to do it. The .xpis are not mine, and I will make sure the proper devs get the credit they deserve, so I am simply testing all possible situations/configurations to make sure the method I am proposing works. Next task for the localization effort will come with Thunderbird - can I do the same for TB Pr builds and daily TB builds as well?

    General Maintenance & Updates
    I have found a way to streamline my build script even further. These changes will make custom builds easier to manage and allow for easier upkeep of the script as it is getting more and more modularized.

    I want to redo the main site at to include a blog so that I can make my main posts there, rather than having to make duplicate posts at mozillazine and pryan's sites. Any suggestions on a good blog tool? Also, I am thinking about redoing the layout of the site - I have ideas but again, suggestions are welcomed!

    Zitat von Janerik

    One question, is it possible to integrate these user.js network-speed settings directly into ur build ? Or ae they already integrated

    Which user.js settings are you referring to? I have several network-speed settings patched in. Look at the bottom of firefox.js to see what of mine is in there...

    Zitat von Janerik

    Is there a difference in speed between your builts and the one of mnoy ? Or, as i read somewhere, do you integrate all the speed-patches from mnoy in your builds ? Thx for your reply !

    My builds have my own patches, plus all of mmoy's optimizations.

    Zitat von Harald.L

    Thx moox for the german test build, M2 is running fine on my P3-850 (M3 crashes). Only issue I found yet is the missing locale "de-DE" in the browser user agent string. If I change general.useragent.locale to " de-DE" (with a leading space character! ) it shows. Without the leading space the output is suppressed.


    Hmmm, very good point about the useragent tag. I will need to alter the scripts to dump a patch in for that. Won't do that for the next builds PR1.0.1 being built right now, but I will have that standardized for next week. Thanks again for that!

    I just posted an update/warning on the main page about installing these builds....

    It is strongly recommended that you use a new profile when installing a localized build over a pre-existing English build or when upgrading from an older version of Firefox. To create a new profile, I suggest the following:

    1. Unzip your downloaded M build into a directory of your choice.
    2. Backup important files from your existing profile, i.e. cookies, bookmarks, etc...
    3. Delete your exiting profile directory (usually found at C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\
    4. Delete this file C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\profile.ini (might need to delete pluginreg.dat but I doubt it).
    5. Startup your new M version of Firefox and make a new profile using the -pm switch
    6. Close Firefox and start again to verify that it is working properly
    7. Copy over the profile files you backed up in #2 to the new profile directory
    8. Surf as usual...

    Hope that helps and clarifys any incompatibilities or instabilities...

    Zitat von MMx2000

    Moox hat vergessen zu schreiben, dass es sich hierbei um eine inoffizielle Testversion handelt, die außerdem auf einen bestimmten Prozessortyp angepasst ist.
    Der sog. M2-build läuft nur auf folgenden Rechnern (oder besser):

    • AMD Athlon XP
    • AMD Athlon MP
    • AMD Sempron
    • AMD Duron (1.0GHz - 1.8GHz)
    • Intel Pentium 3
    • Intel Celeron (533MHz - 1.4GHz)

    Viele Grüße . . . Martin

    I did this one as a test becuase it would cover the majority of processors out there. Bear in mind that an M2 will work P4s and A64s as well, it is just optimized for older architectures...

    I have successfully built a German localized build of the PR1.0 source code. These localizations are not official and do not represent the final localized version(s). All builds found on the page below should be considered experimental and for use in testing environments only.

    You can find the localized versions here:

    Please test them out and let me know what you think, of any shortcomings, etc...


    MMx_edit: adjusted title

    Zitat von MMx2000

    moox, please note that neither our tinderbox is green at the moment nor could you check out the code because anonymous CVS-access is not enabled for l10n yet.

    Other than that, your skills might be needed and welcome soon, I'll keep you informed.

    Greetings . . . Martin

    I know I cannot check anyhting out, but Ben sent me a tarball of all the localized files that currently exist so I am going to try with those for now.

    2004.09.28 Update
    Ah, nothing like the smell of new builds fresh out of the oven in the morning...:wink:
    Seriously, I do have new Firefox builds up for today. There are M1, M2, and M3 versions of the latest BRANCH and TRUNK sources. Additionally, the M3 builds contain mmoy's latest updates to his SSE2 optimizations. When the SSE and MMX patches are updated I will make similar updates to my M2 and M1 build scripts.

    I am working on the localized versions and am going to try a BRANCH M2 localized for German as my first one. I hit several snags yesterday and last night, but Ben Smedberg came through and provided me with some help and needed files that should allow me to finish one. If I get it done today I will post for sure.

    2004.08.20 Update

    • Well the SunBrird builds from yesterday never finished. I have a good snapshot of the errors so I will play around this weekend and see if I can get them to go. And thanks for pointing out that SB needs to be built off of TRUNK!

    • THe Thunderbird builds from yesterday did finish and are posted. There are M1, M2, and M3 TRUNK and BRANCH builds to choose from.

    • I am testing a few things today and will likley release new BRANCH and TRUNK builds of Firefox M2 and M3 shortly after lunch.


    Zitat von Panther

    Hi moox, welcome to the german Firefox forums,

    you're doing a goog job. I'm using your builds often and I think, they are one of the best optimized builds. Go on. :wink:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    8:30PM CST UPDATE for 2004.08.19
    Please, next time I propose to do so many builds within a 24 hour period someone SMACK THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME!

    O.K., now that I have that off my chest, on with the update. As mentioned earlier today, there were problems with the FX M3 TRUNK build that delayed everything else. Got that squared away before work and left with the build script running again. Well, after a very long day and dangerous drive home, I was greeted by several finished custom builds, a finished FX BRANCH M3 build, 6 incomplete TB builds, and 3 SB builds that simply failed. I have uploaded the FX M3 and custom builds, and am trying to redo the TB and SB builds. If there is anything finished before I go to bed, I will post it.

    For tomorrow, I am going to simply do FX builds, unless the TB ones fail tonight. I will plug in the requested patches and also do the other two custom requested builds. Much of tomorrow, which will be spent at home as my car needs repairs after tonight's drive home, will be devoted to making my build script modular so that I can customize it easily and simply select the modules/builds I want to make, rather than having to edit the full script everytime to choose only certain builds.

    If you have any custom requests, let me know b/c I should be able to handle some more tonight and tomorrow.

    Had some problems with the builds last night. Somwhere in the source pull for TRUNK_M3, either my script or the Moz sever froze and everything stalled. So the only things done this morning are M1 and M2 builds of Firefox TRUNK and BRANCH. Those have been uploaded and are ready for d/l. I have restarted the rest of the build script and post the rest of the builds, outlined above, late this afternoon (after 6:30PM CST). Not sure the delay happend, but I will try and trouble shoot the logs tonight.